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Classification of thin-walled stainless steel pipe fittings
- Mar 01, 2018 -

Product Description: Stainless steel Socket welded Joint Method introduction

Stainless steel socket welded joint, is the stainless steel pipe into the pipe socket, and to the mouth to position the position of the step, along the pipe socket end and the pipe outside the contact place, makes the annular ring the Argon gas protection weld welding, when welding does not use the wire (to the fitting mouth end side edge substitution), belongs to is one kind of "the connectionless connection" the pipeline connection way.

Characteristics of stainless steel socket welded pipe system

1. Stainless Steel socket Welded pipe system is a new type of thin-walled stainless steel piping system, which is based on absorbing the advantages and strengths of two kinds of traditional connection methods, which are connected by socket and welded connection. 2, stainless steel socket welded connection is recognized as the "connectionless connection" connection, in connection strength, sealing performance, and other connection methods have obvious advantages. 3, stainless steel socket welded welding process does not require welding wire, and to pipe fittings at the end of the replacement, not only can make the pipe material seamless, and can dispense with welding accessories, and improve welding speed. 4, stainless steel socket welded pipe system applicable to a wide range of outdoor public places and indoor installation, dark, especially for embedded walls, pipe wells and other occasions.

Technical parameters of stainless steel socket welded pipe system

1, material type; 0cr8ni9 (SUS304), 0cr17ni12mo2 (SUS316), 00cr17ni14mo2 (SUS316L) 2, product specifications, dn15-dn100 3, working pressure 1.6MPA 4, working temperature;-10-130 5. Connection mode; Tungsten Argon arc welding (TIG) Manual welding

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